Nema 17 motors install

(Fredrik Johnson) #1

K40 m2 nano

Board: laserboard

Firmware: _Smoothie

I have rebuild my K40 too a bigger ´ LAYZOR’ 700 x 500 mm working area ,
Now i have installed the motors , X axis has a smooth movement ,
But the Y axis just stutter and when it tryed too move it has a bad sounds .
I use nema 17 motors ,
Is there any settings i should make in the config file or any trimpots i can adjust on the laserboard?

(Starla Fox) #2

Start by changing the bed dimensions in both the config file and Device Settings in LightBurn, covered in the FAQs: Setting the correct size for the Y axis

For larger bed sizes, some other config file parameters may need to be modified, such as the stepper driver currents, speed/acceleration, and possibly seek rate values, to fine tune it.

  • Increasing the motor currents in the config file by 0.2 amps at a time will help dial it in. The board’s per driver max is 1.2 amps.
  • Decreasing the acceleration will help slow down the cornering speed.
  • Decreasing the seek rate will help slow the moves between cuts.

(Fredrik Johnson) #4

thank you , i have followed the guide you gave mee,
And now i get the machine too home correctly ,
But i set the motor current on Y to 1.0 , and still its not going wery smoth , but much better then when it was set to 0.6.
Shall i set it too 1.2 ( is that max i can set on the board ?)
Should i try some other setting as well ?

(Starla Fox) #5

Please elaborate on the movement not being smooth. Is it jerking?

Correct, the board maxes at 1.2, but do not exceed the max of your Nema 17. Make sure the stepper motors are not getting warm/overheating with the increased value.
The seek rate should be defaulted to 24000. Try lowering to one of the following values and see if it helps: 18000, 12000, 9000, 6000

(Fredrik Johnson) #6

I tryed too use a external stepper drivers on the Y axis,
The motors come on , but it wont move when i start Lightburn
Or it dosnt move when i use the button in Lightburn .

Should i change some settings in the config so it knows i use
External stepper drivers ?

(Fredrik Johnson) #7

Oh , had forgott too Put the sb Card in the slot :blush:
Now the part With the motors work i think , and smoth movement in all directions .

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