Need some help with my new Laserboard

Machine: SL460 with 60cm x 40cm bed

Board: M2 Nano Julong

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I have several issues that I can’t seem to fine tune.

  1. The motors are slow and also screeching . I’ve used 0,6, 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2 in the Speed settings as mentioned here:
    They are still noisy and very slow compared to how they were with the M2 Nano board.
    I’ve also changed seek rate, speed to home… everything. Still slow, still noisy.

  2. It hits the rail quite hard every time I press the manual joystick to go over the bed. I don’t understand why Lightburn doesn’t control that?

  3. Can I use the rotary device that came with the laser?

I’m new to this kind of setups so I’m sorry. I read a lot of pages in the few hours since I’ve received my board but I can’t seem to fine tune it to where it should be.

Also, what is the rectangle box that you can see in the pictures I’ve attached here? Should it be connected somehow?
I’m also attaching the config file that I have currently and a few pictures.
config.txt (28.4 KB)

Thanks a lot for your help and sorry if I had multiple questions.

And another question as I went ahead and did a test for engraving images: it seems like it’s not cutting anymore… 3mm acrylic?

Very surprised but could it be the fact that LIghtburn uses the percentage of the power set manually on the digital display? Or this isn’t the case?

It was cutting this easily with the M2 Nano board… now it’s not

The cutting part is actually the least of my issues. I can probably make a cut since my engravings are almost melted acrylic.

It’s just not engraving as it should… If I set it to 30% power it does nothing, If I set it to 40% it starts melting with no real shape.

Grayscale images? PWM? Nothing. That test is just a waste because it doesn"t work.

It should have been a drop in replacement yet I’ve spent the last 24 hours not even getting close to the quality I was getting with M2 Nano.

So far this is a waste of money, time and the frustration is the worst. I’ve waited for a week, hoping that I can get grayscale and better image engravings. If it’s my fault ( although I’ve read EVERY support instruction), then the support team can help but it seems like it’s not here. I am even willing to pay for support IF someone can help me make this work as it should

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