Need Help Looking to see if I can change motherboard

Machine: It has a REDSAIL sticker but I can’t locate a tag with Name or model to verify

Board: Lihuiyu Studio Labs ----- I-IT-XEON-9 ------ 2018-12-15 ------- M2NANO-HI-NC

Firmware: Unknown have not used the machine yet cause looking to see if i can change mother board first as i do not have CorelDraw and want to switch to Lightburn

Problem/ I am looking to see if i can change the motherboard so i dont need CorelDraw the paperwork i have for this machine say’s i need CorelDraw 6 or 7 installed. I want to use LightBurn I have not used the machine yet bought it brand new.

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!
I have pictures but i am unable to add them as I am a new user here
need Help !!!
Thanks Joe

Hi Joe,
I believe all machines supplied with the M2NANO board are supplied with CorelDraw on a USB stick. The Cohesion3D board should fit the existing mounting points in your machine as well as using the existing cables.

You will have to make some adjustments to the Cohesion3d ‘config file’ on the supplied SD card as the defaults speeds of the laser head speed may be excessive. There are Docs to help setting it up.

Hope that helps.

thanks for the information i will be setting it up with factory supplied CD and then once i know everything is working i will be ordering will be ordering Cohesion Board and then work with LightBurn program

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