Need a stepper driver?

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Hi there! New to the forum.

I’m looking to upgrade my K40 to the Cohesion 3d laserboard. I’m really looking for z-table control. And will also be adding lightburn and a camera.

Does anyone know if this table:

requires anything except the controller, table and the camera? Do I need a separate stepper driver? Cables? Anything else?

I’m also open to other table recommendations if there are any.


Hi Hayden,

Thank you for posting to the forum.

This should answer a lot of your questions:

To answer the camera questions from your email, there are some mount designs for the Official LightBurn Camera from other users floating around the internet, but we can look into making one for sale. You really need to be prepared to tinker with the mounting, the K40 lid opens pretty far back, some way to retain the door at a certain angle is most likely needed, etc. The expectation needs to be “requires tinkering to make work.” We can still make a case for the LightBurn, but keep that in mind. A full K40 solution would involve the camera case, door stop system, and you might still need to drill holes or other such things.

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Thank you so much! I called myself turning your site upside down, but I missed this somehow. Just ordered!

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