My laser fires up upon powering up machine

When I turn the power on my laser fires up and only shuts off when I turn the potentiometer all the way down.

To help you best we will need some more details.

  1. which board are you using.
  2. is this a new problem (have you changed anything with your machine/ was it working as currently configured?
  3. clear pictures of all the wiring especially between the board and your lpsu.

It’s a brand new cd3 laser board, and its my first time running the machine.

We need to see how everything is wired up.

can we get a pic of the labels on the laser power supply? I suspect you may have an unneeded/wrong wire between laserboard and lpsu.

How do I locate the lables?

I think the wires are hooked up in the wrong order to the C3D board screw terminal. There’s a pinout diagram for the LPSU floating around the web. I can take a look when I’m in the office tomorrow.

I would recommend not turning on the machine until then. I would recommend taking the board out and making sure the black component with 4 legs on the bottom near that terminal still looks good.

Yes it looks like the board has been damaged. Is there a way to fix this? I’m at a loss and dont want to give up on this machine.

I assume this has happened before, I’m just curious what’s the next step.
Thank you for your time.

We need to figure out what the current state of the board is.

Please remove the 4 wires from the screw terminal, and wrap them in tape so they do not short out.

It would be good to also remove the GLCD Adapter from the board.

Please tell me what happens when you power the board on.

  1. Do you have lights on and blinking?
  2. Are you able to connect with LightBurn and jog the head around?
  3. If you send a G1 X0.1 S0.6 F600, can you move the head and get a red LED to turn on at the corner of the board near that green screw terminal?

Yes the lights are on and the L2 and L3 lights are blinking
The machine still jogs around
I dont understand what you mean by step 3. I have done some research but an at a stand still

From the console in LightBurn, send G1 X0.1 S0.6 F600

The is no light when I enter G1 X0.1 S0.6 F600

Thank you sir. That was helpful

Are you sure that’s how you always had the wires in the screw terminal? Any chance you had them plugged in a different way before, 2 wires touched each other, anything you can think of?

When we test the boards we are looking for the red LED turning on. The board definitely was not like that with the black charring when we shipped it and it does not do that from normal use/ installation. Only one person was able to damage this component/ area, and that was from plugging in the laser power cable offset such that they put high voltage through that component. The damage was also different. The fact that your red LED is not turning on suggests there is deeper damage to the board.

I’m trying to figure out what could have caused this so that we can offer the proper resolution.

I’m not saying that this damage was due to your board. I did receive it damaged but we discussed that already. I must have had and issues with the wiring and it must not have been as plug and play as I thought it way. I’m asking if there is another option for fixing my board or am I going to have to I guess suck it up and order another one.

Working on figuring out some options.

So there’s nothing you can think of?

Figure anything out that would help yet?