My Full Spectrum 5th Gen Hardware Conversion

Machine:Full Spectrum 5th Generation Hobby with proprietary RetinaEngrave

Board: Stock Proprietary RetinaEngrave

Firmware: I have a new board Cohesion3D Board and I’m using the Firmware included.

Problem/ Question: I am slowly converting to new Cohesion3D board with Display.
Thanks to all of those that have posted information about their conversion previously. I just wish some of those people had come back and posted more pictures. In order to help others I am posting pictures of my conversion.

FS 5th Gen Original Board.

New Cohesion3D board mounted

Start of motor wiring

Optical Sensor Wiring

More Optical Sensor Wiring.

Optical Sensor Wiring Done and Installed ?

The show so far…

I believe I am down to the actual laser control.
This is where I am being careful.
Looking at the “Unofficial Wiring Document of the Gen 5 " I noticed a few differences between my board and the wiring document”.
I am looking at the “Blue” wire coming from the actual laser in the wiring diagram. I am not entirely sure where it should go to the Cohesion3D board since it is Labeled “Laser tube Gnd”.
Should it go to to the “-” of the Laser Pwr on the Cohesion3D board ?
should the “Orange” wire that was on the FS board go the “+” of the Laser Pwr on the Cohesion3D board ?
Looking at the only picture I could find of a previous conversion shows a “Green” wire going to the first connector labeled “PMW” and two “Black” wires going to “-”… At least it looks like that…

Cool! Take lots of pictures please. I would like to have a more comprehensive guide on how to do this conversion.

Sorry. Posted my first post by accident. Was in the process of adding pictures to that post when you sent a reply. Fixed Now.

I do have higher resolution pictures of the pictures I posted. Was not sure of the Forum picture limit size.

Have you done the inline resistors for the homing sensors? Looks like you have :slight_smile:

For LPSU wiring, we’d need to see way clearer pics of everything going on in that last pic - all the wires going to the LPSU, etc.

Start by checking this out:

Full size picture of 5th Gen Full Spectrum Laser Power supply

From your link it looks like

Here is a picture of the in-line resistors.
There is a 220 ohm (red-red-brown) for the LED emitter.
There is a 10,000. ohm (Brown-Black-Orange) for the transistor.
It was based upon the schematic behind the picture of hooking up a slot optical sensor to an Arduino.

Here a full size closeup of the “Y stop” wiring before putting Heat shrink over the resistors.

Here is a side picture of how I mounted the Cohesion3D board to a 1/4 piece of plexiglass
using nylon spacers from ACE hardware.

This allowed me to use the original mounting holes by drilling and tapping into the edge of the Plexiglass.
Here is an inside side view.

Here is an outside view.

So getting back to Laser Power hookup.
I have this Blue wire with a Resistor (was that way from Full Spectrum) already with heat shrink in place.

From looking at the “unofficial schematics” the Blue wire goes to the “laser Tube Ground”.
The Resistor look like it is in place of the “mA” meter that is in the “unofficial schematics”.

The “ORANGE” wire goes to the “L-” on the laser power supply.

That last Power supply posting was upside down. Annoying… Here I fixed it.

That compares better to the Web posting of connector labels.

I tried to clean up the wiring and do some labeling of the Full Spectrum Wiring hookup and coloring. Hopefully this is a better angle.

Added edit of Layout for color code.

So continuing on with my Conversion while I wait on Laser Power supply Hookup…
I removed the old Full Spectrum 5th gen display board leaving me a big hole.

I elected to get the Cohesion3D display board which does not directly fit into that BIG hole.
A bit of engineering and a Blue Clipboard from Office Depot. Nylon spacers and bolts/nuts from Ace Hardware… A bit of work with a drill, a Dremel tool and a Oscillating bit.

The rear view.

The Edge View

Which then gives us the final mounted product.

So I have this Blue wire that goes to the Negative of the laser tube.

Since it was wired directly to the OLD Full Spectrum board I thought that under that black heat shrink was a fixed Resistor to limit current…
Nope… Just a WIRE splice…

So I am answering my own question that I had posted above.
The ORANGE wire that goes to (L-) of the Laser Power Supply went to the OLD Full Spectrum board and so did this BLUE wire.
So does either wire go the the NEW Cohersion3D board ???
#1. Tie or Splice These TWO wires together, Or
#2. pull out Orange wire from (L-) on laser power supply board and put in BLUE wire.
#3. Get a 30ma Analog Panel and wire the ORANGE wire to one side and the BLUE wire to the other side. Then you will have FEEDBACK of laser power.

Apparently the Full Spectrum board is sensing the laser power on its own board so both those wires went to the board. Those two wires (Orange (L-) and Blue (laser tube)) do NOT go the NEW Cohersion3D board…

Your assumptions there are correct. Don’t connect the tube cathode to the LaserBoard at all - that’s a very good way to let the magic smoke out :slight_smile:

I would definitely suggest getting an analog (or digital) current meter and going with option 3 here, though if you just want to get started option 2 is the better one and the meter can be added later.

Thanks for verification of the laser connection information.
Magic smoke escaping is bad…

I have ordered a 30ma Analog meter basically after reading this article at Lasergods.

Once the meter comes in I will show pictures of me mounting and hooking up of the meter into the 5th gen system.

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So the 30ma meter showed up and I was just going to drill a hole in the Full Spectrum case and insert. Do some wiring and be done…
Then I saw this Youtube video of an “Upgrade”… Darn Youtube,

Files and wiring at

As usual, one thing leads to another…Now more parts are ordered.

The boat is slow in delivering the parts ordered :wink:
The analog meter has arrived but the digital meters, water temperature gauge and lighted switches are in transit.
Working on making a new hole in the Full Spectrum housing for this additional hardware.
Unfortunately will not be able to use the layout by Happysoul in thingiverse as the area on the 5th Gen Full spectrum between the case side and the lid opening is not large enough. I am working on a narrower layout.
I will mount the analog meter first along with a potentiometer to view and control the laser power. Then the converted system should be ready to at least test.
The rest of the panel is “Bells and whistles”. Nice to have but not critical to operation.
Still committed in documenting the conversion with more pictures, hookup diagrams, and new settings to make this work better than the original.

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More parts from the boat arrived. Now trying to figure out the best spacing and hole size for mounting.

The problem with a 5th generation conversion is that you have to at least add a analog meter and power control potentiometer to make the system controllable. The original 5th generation controller had this laser control “built in” but then you are trusting to their software to actually control the power without any “visual” feedback. As long as I need to add the analog meter and power control potentiometer to get some laser control I figure I might as make the hole large enough to add the additional “bells and whistles”.

The last parts arrived with my Flow Indicator and temperature meter.
Finally got a big hole made for the Analog Power Meter, water temperature gauge, push buttons, etc… Now on to make a plastic insert, populate the insert and do the final wiring.