My A axis stopped working

I had to replace the lpsu on my 50 watt chinese laser. I got the Cloudray 60 watt black unit. I put it in and got it to fire by replacing the laser ground on pin 2 with a direct wire to the Cloudray G terminal. Now it works and I have another problem. The rotary on axis A does not move. I have checked wiring and all is OK. I understood that the Laserboard supplied all the power for the stepper motors. Now I am really confused. The only mod was to the laser ground wire from the original wiring harness would not fire the laser. . . I removed it and replaced with a wire running directly to the Cloudray G terminal to make the laser fire. What have I done wrong ??

It appears that the laserboard was damaged. I took a known stepper off my cnc and it wouldn’t work on the A axis. I took the rotary to the cnc machine and it worked. Old eyes and shaky hands strike again. Any suggestions on repair or replacement.
Thanks, JimB

Interesting occurrences. This has been the week that all the electronics gremlins have decided to stick their noses out.

Please show pictures of your board, machine, and wiring, and a video of trying to run the A axis (upload to youtube and share the link here).

Ordered the external stepper driver and now. . .all is well. I would suggest that the instructions shipped with the driver might need updating as the instruction site shows the Laserboard Mini. The picture on the driver page shows the neat plug in cable setup. Confusion at it’a best. !! Thanks for the quick shipping. !!