Multi job issue

Machine: K40


Firmware: _Smoothie, believe what the board. Omes with.

Problem/ Question: Anyone else have an issue with the light burn software and the cohesion3d board not being able to do multiple jobs? I can turn everything on and send a easy circle cut to the laser and its cuts fine. Try to send it again and the laser will start to cut and move about 1/4" then stop and home itself.

Sounds like USB disconnects - try a different cable, and if possible, a different computer. If that doesn’t solve it make sure all the ground connections are tight inside your machine.

Well after the third cable, I think I’ve found a cable that works. Ran over 30 small jobs without a problem.

The “first job works fine and then the second job fails” itself is not the issue, but probably coinciding with a disconnect issue as loather says, due to poor quality USB cable, USB Power Save on the computer turning on, or something like an air compressor/ fridge/ other inductive load on the same AC circuit as the laser/ C3D board kicking on.

If you continue to have issues, those are the things we should investigate in your setup.

This is also a good resource:

And the USB Cable that comes with the K40 is very bad and can cause issues, for sure.

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