Movement but no laser

OMTech came with the nano board

Replaced with laser board
The laser head moves as if it is cutting what I want it to, except theres no laser, I can turn the laser on using the pad on the machine but not in the software, not even the “fire” button on the move tab in lightburn does anything

Will the laser fire when you press the test button on the power supply?

Are all the power cables plugged in? What is displayed on the LCD?

Yes it does fire when I press the test button, I have the stock display, no LCD unfortunately, they sold out

This tells us the laser is OK and the power supply is OK, at least they are doing what is expected.

Does the control panel light up? Can you do a test fire from here? Will the interior lights and red dot pointer turn on? Is the emergency stop in the up position?

The final test would be is to temp connect the old board to see how the other software responds.

Hi, yeah the printer does all that just fine, The panel lights up, it has the temperature readouts, the laser fires, the emergency stop is in the correct position. It did work with the old board before I stopped it, so either I messed something up or the new board doesn’t work