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Rebuild k40 to a Layzor

Board: Laser board
Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question:
I build a Layzor from parts of my K40 ,and now its ready , and its a really Nice machine. But i amhaving some problems With it,

I had to install two extra stepper drivers (tb6600 ?) to make it run smoothly in both directions ( even if i set the motor amp in config to 1.2 it stutters.)
I set the y motors to 1.5 amp and 16
And the x to 1.0 and 16
And it runs smoothly.

I changed the acceleration settings in config to 1000 and Seekrate to 9000,
When i run a file in Lightburn it seems like it loosing steps , it Burns on wrong place.
What can i try too fix that problem ?
As you can see on the rabbit , the eyes is pretty much too the right.


I think if you can provide a video of all this it would be more helpful to help understand and diagnose your issue.

(Fredrik Johnson) #3

I can arrange a video as well,
But the problems seems too exist Only when i Scan ,
When i set everything too cut in Lightburn , it seems too line up correctly (rabbit too the left)

When i Scan it seems too bee some miss alignment

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Maybe this is a questions for Lightburn support ?

(Jamie Richards) #5

How fast are you trying to scan? You have to keep Smoothie at or below 100mm/s to give optimal performance.

(Fredrik Johnson) #6

Yes , its under 100 ,
When i Scan and use for example 0,250 line
It is going too bee moore fault then when i use 1,0 line .

This is just a test , but the pupills on the rabbit comes on the same place every thimes (little to the right)

I must have a external stepper driver for the Y axis, other it just hacks ,

But on X axis it moves smothly when connected too the board ,

Can i use one external stepper drivers for Y,and connect x motors too the board , to see if its working better ?

I tryed too do that , but it didnt moved at all when i connected X too the laserboard and The Y too the external stepperdrivers.

I test alot to solve this problems , but no luck yhet.

(Fredrik Johnson) #7

I tryed too connect the x axis directly too the Laserboard ,
And that was a real difference , the first test line up as it should , even When i Scan,
(Thanks too Chico on this forum , that had the same problem.)

If its work ok on this way , i maybe can use it as it is , but i still prefered too use the stepper driver.

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