Missing something simple... Help!

Machine: Blue and White K40

Board: Cohesion3D Mini

Firmware: No idea

I recently picked up a used K40. The gentleman I purchased it from was running Lightburn on a Microsoft Surface and a Cohesion3d Mini. He showed me that the laser worked through the Lightburn program.

Now I am trying to make it work on my computer and could use some help. I installed Lightburn in Linux. It installed like a champ. However, when I try to set up my laser in Lightburn, it cannot find it. I tried to manually add it as well, but it still shows as disconnected in Lightburn. Linux sees the laser as OpenMoko… so I think it recognizes its presence. I tested my cable and it is good. I have a red light and and four green lights on my Mini. Lights 1 and 4 are solid green and lights 2 and 3 are blinking. Red light is solid. I don’t know what firmware the board is running.

My questions are: How do I find out what firmware I am running on the board? What steps am I missing that is causing Lightburn to find my laser?

Not sure what else to ask as my first hurdle is getting the board, Lightburn and my computer to play well together.

This sounds like the board is running Smoothie firmware. No driver should be required on Linux.

Maybe this is a lack of USB permissions problem. I’m not well versed in Linux, but @adammhalie - any ideas?

First check would be to run the command groups and check that in the output it shows dialout as one of the groups your user is part of. If not, that’s likely your problem. If not, run:

sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

If you are already on the dialout group it may be a udev rule issue which is honestly a bit over my head.
What distro and build of Linux are you running? Can we get the output of uname -a

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