Mirrors & 18mm Lens Upgrade Bundle

I’m just wondering “performance” increase you would expect to get from upgrading to Cohesion3D’s Mirrors & 18mm Lens Upgrade Bundle from the cheap 18mm and mirrors that came with my laser? Do they provide better engraving quality?

The optics used in the K40 are utter shit. I jokingly say that they broke up some IKEA mirrors and used those. I’m not sure of exactly how bad they are in your larger machine, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

From the days of the Facebook group before the current forum:

The mirrors that Cohesion3D sells are much more durable than the cheap ones that came with the laser. They will last longer, and are harder to damage when cleaning them. The lens will transmit a higher percentage of power through it, meaning less power loss (Probably 2-3% better than the stock lens, but could be even more of a difference depending on the quality of the stock lens).

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