Mini wired to external stepper drivers?

K40 transplant to k40
Coheasion3d mini

I’m transplanting an upgraded k40 internals into the shell of a k40 with upgraded psu and 1000mm tube. Ran into a problem. Looks like the steppers are not working cause the steppers require more power than the coheasion mini is delivering? Is there a way I can use the old stepper drivers (see pic 1) with a coheasion mini without the stepper passthrough?

Are you trying to run using the A4988 green drivers in the C3D Mini? Did you use the same motors as in the K40? Then you should be fine. Use a separate 24v psu to power the board and increase the current by turning the potentiometers 45-90 degrees clockwise from original position of the flat facing up off the edge of the board.

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