Mini Vs LaserBoard, Should I upgrade?

I already have a Mini I bought and install almost 3 years ago. I was curious what the advantages over the mini that LaserBoard has? Specifically one the of things that I felt lacked in the mini was how slow I had to run raster, if I try to speed it up the motion becomes terribly jittery forcing to me to take a lot more time per piece. (Dont get me wrong I still really like the mini despite that)

So what kind of speeds can I expect to be able to run on the Laser board operations, such as gray scale engraving?

What other big befits does LaserBoard have over the mini? For example I really like the camera upgrade.


(Side note, did the forums get purged at some point? I swear I used to have a forum account and used back when I first started using the mini)

You should search the forums for the newest “Clustering” firmware. It will speed up your rastering dramatically if you are using LightBurn as your control software.


Thanks for the tips! I think at the time I bought my board laserweb was the software of choice. I had to step away for lasering for a while when my son was born and the whole house was rearranged. So I am just discovering all the new stuff that I have missed since my machine was relocated.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the Camera has nothing to do with what board you are using, it just goes back to the PC, is that correct?

That is correct

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Huh, so if I can get good speed and the camera with the mini, what does the LaserBoard board do better?

The laserboard has a few of benefits over the mini. First of all, it comes with a high quality 24V power supply to take the load off of the Laser PSU which is under powered. It also has reverse voltage protections which makes it more durable. It has high quality super silent Trinamic stepper drivers built in which can handle larger motors , and helps to quiet down noise from the stepper motors.

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Ah, thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it!

This post from when we launched the LaserBoard might be a more comprehensive explanation of what the changes from the Mini and design philosophy were:

If you put Cluster firmware on the Mini and in general you don’t have any stability issues like dropouts or disconnects during a job, you don’t need to replace that which works :slight_smile:

Depending on how far back you go we originally had a G+ group, then G+ went away and we switched to FB, and then that became impossible to maintain and so we made a real forum, this. Since this forum was also set up around the new year, chances are that you were on one of those previous platforms. Archives of them still exist but all of the new board stuff is here.

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Ah, Thanks a lot for the information! That makes a lot of sense about the forums, I forgot it was G+ my life has been crazy and my laser hobby was put on the back burner for a while.

I upgraded to cluster and bought light burn a couple nights ago, its great so far for cutting. I cant wait to integrate the camera!

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