Mini to Laserboard Rotary Setup/Install

As the title says, I have all of the wiring and external stepper motor setup for a c3d mini. It burnt out, and now the replacement is the laserboard. Well, it appears that the connections are different for this. Is there a guide somewhere I haven’t found on how to install the rotary wiring based off the guide for the mini, or am I forced to buy even more stuff and wait another week for it to show up before I can use it?

That will depend on the stepper you have for your rotary. If your stepper needs less than 1.2 amps then it can be connected using the Laserboards built in driver (Labeled A Stepper below)

If you need to use the external driver you can connect it with these cables.

You can follow Starla’s guide here for setup.

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Took a little bit more research, but I got it figured out I think, thanks to your info.


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