MicroMark Laserknife 2525 connections

Machine: MicroMark Laserknife 2525 (basically a K40?)

Board: LiHYiYY Studio labs - see pic attached

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with - not that far yet

Problem/ Question: board wiring.

My board uses a 6 pin power connector and a 5 pin end stop connector
Board pic: image
My X & Y motor leads plug right in – assumption being that they are wired the way you expect (!)

My problem is two fold:

  1. The laser power connector is a 6 pin connector and yours is a 4 pin connector
  2. The x-y end stop connector a 4 pin connector with 4 wires and yours is a 5 pin connector with 3 wires

Laserknife 2525 power connector: image
Can you give me the color wire pinouts on your board?

And a connector # to order – OR can you supply?
Laserknife 2525 x-y end stop connector:image
From your pictures – it looks like you have spliced two wires to one pin (?) Here I also need:
• Wiring diagram to pinouts on a 5 pin connector, showing where my red/green wires go.
• As the 4 pin will not lock into a 5 min on the board – a part# for a 5 pin connector OR can you supply?

After you initially posted there were no pictures, so I bumped up your trust level and before I could comment, there are the pics! Yay!

You don’t have to worry about the endstop connector. That should just plug right in to the endstop port as shown in our guide.

Trace the large power plug to identify the L for Laser Fire and Gnd (Ground) wires, then cut off the board side plug or run new wires from the LPSU side.

Connect to Laser Fire and Laser Gnd on the board as shown here, just use the screw terminal so no need to deal with a connector.


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Thanks - I like using the screw terminals - should be able to get that done quick enough.

But the end stop one is still a concern with your 5 pin and my 4 pin connector - I have to decide to put it in to the left OR to the right. Your 3 wires are using the 3 center pins, leaving one free on each side.

What should I be checking for?

The endstop connector is polarized. Simply align it with the mating features of the connector on the board and plug it in. No need to overthink this.

OK - I accept that - but I hate to see the magic smoke escape. Your 5 pin connector is polarized & so is my 4 pin connector. BUT on my laser the 4 pin was forced into the 5 pin board connector and I have to do the same thing on your board AND i need to know if I should align the right or left polarizing key:

Which way should my end stop connector go into the polarized cohesion board?
image OR image

For completeness of your documentation - here is a pic of my old board with the pins identified and wire colors for my laser: image

Appreciate your help

Ah, ok, thank you for clarifying that. I thought the endstop plug was 5 pins, the previous pic I thought I saw an empty slot, and that it would only go in one way. This is new :slight_smile:

If you consult the pinout diagram, the endstop has 5v gnd x y gnd. You want to avoid the 5v pin.

OK - board is installed and I will move onto the next step. FYI while working with the end stop connector one connection slid out - revealing that it was two wires soldered together at the connector:
image This resulted in me looking very closely at your diagram and my end stop connections ( red for X and GRN for Y) - this then meant moving my connector to sit over the 5v pin (no connection here) rather than the other way which was how I was going to install it.

Related to this - while you say you dont use the 24 v (accepted) some of the pics show the existing laser connection simply plugged into your board - meaning that the laser supplied 24v is on your board. I have screwed my 24v to your screw terminal as well as my 5v supply - rather than having them loose in the panel - is this OK?

The 24v and 5v from the laser power plug are “pre-disconnected” for you on the board so you are more than welcome to leave them plugged in in that screw terminal as marked:
“24V From Laser (Unused)”
“5v From Laser (Unused)”

To be clear, 5v pin is not used for endstops at all.

Please send final pics so I can take one last look before you power up.

Here you go:
Your board was not a drop in - in my case reqd 4 new holes:
USB & Power line up nicely:
Installed board:


You don’t have a K40, so I didn’t claim it was a drop in :slight_smile:

I can’t make out the specifics of the endstop connector so will trust your work there.

Have at it!

OK - I re-checked them:
They are NC contacts
When I slide the carriage to the LHS the GND-X continuity breaks when the limit stop is reached.
Similarly sliding the carriage to the back breaks continuity betw GND and Y when the limit stop is reached

there is no connection to the 5v pin

I will proceed. THX for your help.


Thought you would like to know - I spent the day lasering. Everything works great, nice and smooth - also love the software.



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