Memory card

Is the memory card contenst only available by plugging into a computer with SD slot? I don’t have access on my shop computer (old computer, win10). Is the config.txt file available through the Cohesion board (and then to computer via USB?) I need to access it for the Z-table config…not sure how I can do that without an SD port.

You’ll need something like this:

That should get you access to the files you need.

Yeah, while I was waiting for response I bought one. I need one anyway for that computer, but I don’t like the idea of taking out the SD card everytime I want to configure it. Once it’s done, I suppose, I’ll never visit again, but the first time could be a lot of swapping. Incidentally, before I even attempted to change any settings for the Z-table, I decided to just try it and it works perfectly, just needs calibration (distance travelled for each jog), and limit switches. Not sure what all that business was about gamma factors.

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