Mechanical limit switch wiring

I replaced my controller with a 3D it worked for a bit then I had a collision with the optical homing switch. trying to use mechanical switches. My laser came with the ribbon cable.
Please help

Hello Dutchoven, welcome to the forum!

Do you already have mechanical switches installed and you need help with configuration?

Or are you looking for info on how to actually connect the mechanical switches to the LaserBoard?

A bit more information will help us figure out how we can best help you.

i have 2 switches mounted to a printed holder. simple form C contacts. i used to have ribbon cable and opto’s . they failed. i have a diagram showing the 5 pin connector on the 3d board. it looks like a typo. the print says 5v, gnd, x min, y max and gnd. min and max?
what i need is to have everybody stop calling them endstops and call the homing switches. then i need to see how they are wired to the 3d. NC I imagine maybe x min to NC then gnd. and y min to NC then gnd. not using 5v terminal.

config will help too.

thank you and stay healthy


Hi Jerry, hopefully this zoom in on the LaserBoard connection diagram will help. (Sorry, they are labeled “End stops” here.)

There are two sets of end stop connectors. The white one on the right side is meant to be compatible with many K40 machines, so you can plug right into it.

There is a second set of connectors you can use. They are the beige connectors to the left.

If you are using mechanical switches you’ll connect to Sig and Gnd.

On most K40 machines home is in the left rear of the machine, so in that case X Min and Y Max is what you would want.

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