Max voltage input of C3D

Machine: Custom Gantry
Board: C3D Laser Board

I recently just purchased a board for a machine I am building here, reading through whatever documentation I can find on this site and just getting myself aquainted with the boards layout.

Power input to the board is listed as 24V via the provided power brick, connected through the 1/4" jack on the side, however in the upper left corner there is an optional voltage input listed as “36V max”

Is this an option to use 36V input from an external power supply and NOT have to use the supplied power brick? I ask as I am setting this machine up with external drivers and N23’s and am using a 36V external power supply in the control box as it is, and if this board can take 36V input at that port instead of using the 24V power brick I would like to do so to simplify and clean up the wiring inside.


That’s correct - you can supply 36V to the board using the power in terminals. Beware though, 36V is a hard max. Much more than that and the voltage regulators on board will start to become very unhappy with their working conditions and may release magic smoke in protest. You’ve been warned :slight_smile:

honestly though, it’s rated for 36V and will work fine.

Thank you for that clarification. For the time being I have it setup with the power brick as I wanted to get the control box up and running for testing. I will likely now work in a crowbar circuit with a circuit breaker in between the laser board and the 36v supply as an over voltage protection. I am running the board in conjunction with external micro step drives, so while I really don’t need more than the 24V supply for the laser board itself if I can eliminate the extra draw of that brick and just use an output off the existing regulated PS it would satisfy my OCD.

Appreciate the info!

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