Max ampere on Cohesion 3D Mini?

Machine: K40 Modified

Board: Cohesion Mini 3d

Firmware: Smoothie Cluster

Problem/ Question: My x-axis skipping steps. What is the max ampere for a Cohesion 3D mini with stock drivers? Can I go higher if I swapp them? Tested run TB6600 earlier with no luck at all. So about replacing the stock driver with a other like TMC2100.
I have external 24v PSU rated to 10A.

Ummm, there’s something quite wrong with what you describe.

Let’s say for simplicity that the stock onboard drivers can do 1 amp, but a TB6600 driver can go up to 4 amps.

So you should provide more details about this, and, well, everything you are trying to do, because I’m not a mind reader. Pictures help :slight_smile:

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