Manually submitting a gcode file (e.g., from linux command line)

Hi, I have a K40 at work and a LaserBoard and LIghtburn on the way.

I’m thinking how to configure the various computers/tools/software in a small shop used by a constantly changing variety of newbies. One configuration I would like is a standalone Rasperry Pi or Beagleboard connected to the laser cutter (and another CNC) which would be used only for submitting jobs. The laser cutter jobs would be in the form of gcode files on a user’s USB thumb drive. They would generate and save these files on a different PC running LightBurn. I specifically DO NOT WANT newbs to access or even know about the SDHC card that contains the config and firmware.

So the question: From the linux command line on the RPi/Beagleboard, is it possible to simply copy the gcode file to the USB Serial interface presented by the LaserBoard? e.g.,

$ cat my_job.gcode > /dev/laser_cutter

I can handle the permissions and udev rules. I just want to know if the serial interface works this way.


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