Mansfield Rotary Attachment

First off, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask my question. I am a new K40 owner and just purchased the Cohesion3D Laser Board to run my machine. I would love to purchase a C3D rotary attachment to go with it, but they’re out of stock. In my search for an alternative rotary attachment, I have found the Mansfield Customs rotary, but unfortunately the website doesn’t say whether it’s compatible with the C3D Laser Board. My assumption is yes but I wanted to make sure before purchasing. Can anyone confirm? Thank you.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your interest. We are getting ready to take rotary orders again.
Please view the product page for the list of available options. To be put on the waitlist, please contact us with a list of which rotary options and add-ons you would like to purchase.

As for the Mansfield Customs rotary, the “4 pin round aircraft style” version would not be plug and play compatible. The Arduino/Smoothie connector would be. You have to contact them to request this option. It uses a Nema 23 motor, so it would also require external stepper drivers, accompanying cables, and an additional power supply.

For more information, see our Rotary Setup Guide.

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