mAmp settings for a 100w

I hope all are doing fine.

Does anyone know what is the max (safe) mAmp for a 100w CO2 laser?
The data sheet says 28 mAmp; but would it be its maximum or safe recommended?

Thanks in advance

Hi Juan,
28 mAmp is the maximum recommended power. The power supply with your laser is normally matched to the best tube longevity which is 24 mAmp. Depending on the tube quality, running at 24mAmp may give you over 8000 hours working life. If you have a higher mAmp power supply you can use the maximum recommended 28 mAmp which will give you about 130W laser power but it will dramatically reduce the life of the laser tube.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Alan, thanks!
The laser is a reci w2 100w
The PWS is a cloudray Dy13 (100w)

I’ll stay at 24 max, then.

bty, the data sheet says 24, not 28 as I mentioned ; my bad.