Main power supply

I’m considering replacing my stock power supply with the Cloudray MYJG-60W.
I plan to be doing almost a full teardown and rebuild this weekend. I was originally thinking to leave the existing supply in place, but I’ve started thinking maybe I should replace the main supply now, and keep the stock supply as a backup. Thoughts?

I realize this is a 60W supply going into a 40W laser but as long as I keep the tube current to 15mA I should be fine, right?

Alternatively, what supply would you recommend as a replacement for the existing unit?
I have separate 24V, 12V and 5V supplies for the motors and logic.

You are correct, you can use the 60W supply as long as you provide a separate 24V supply for the controller and motors.

With the LaserBoard it will have its own 24v power supply to run it, meaning you don’t need 24v from the Laser PSU anymore. I don’t see the need to replace an LPSU that still works, but have at it :slight_smile:

This may help: