Machine Settings not available under edit menu in LightBurn

Machine: K40 Mini - Preenex M2 Nano
Board: LaserBoard
Firmware: Smoothie

I am trying to get my new rotary configured and setup properly. I have posted about my issue on the LightBurn forum Here

It is recommended that I go into my machine settings and verify what my report Inches ($13) value is set to. The problem is, I don’t seem to have access to the Machine Setting in LightBurn.

$13 is a GRBL command and your machine is running Smoothie. Smoothie doesn’t have a Machine Settings menu item.

internally everything is millimeters in smoothie.
? at the console will display status and the DRO values.
$# will print out the work coordinate system and values.

one of the above is probably what you want, and you’d run that from the LightBurn Console.

I just ran those commands and here is an image of what is returned, is there a cheat sheet somewhere that explains what each entry refers to?

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