M2 nano (ribbon) conversion to C3D

Machine: S4060 from toolots (M2 nano ribbon)

Board: bought Cohesion3D laserboard

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question:
I am not sure how to connect the main connector to C3D board.
It looks like my main connector is missing L0 but have a TL at the top of the board.

Am I supposed to merge the two connector ?
M2 nano main connector : L0 / 5V / GND / 24V
Top connector : TL / GND

C3D : LaserFire / 5V / GND / 24V
From : https://forum.cohesion3d.com/uploads/default/original/1X/1cf270fd2ccb38f234fa272df767a7da54799ea0.jpeg

Should I just add the TL connector from the top connector to the main one and plug that in C3D board ?

My board:

Thanks for your support

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I think I found the answer in this page:

Curious if you have any follow up as I’m in the same position. Did that resolve the issue? From the initial photo you posted it looked like you might be able to use the screw terminal directly to the left of the power plug connector connecting in to the laser ground and laser fire terminals?? Thanks

The screw terminals work perfectly - that’s how I connect mine

Did you have the same configuration as Oliver as it relates to the TL and Ground connections? Curious if any in this thread have photos of the setup? Thanks

No, I had to deconstruct the 4-pin connector for mine.

Just make sure that you trace the wires to confirm that you have L and GND correctly marked and identified (they should go to the LPSU), then you can hook them up to the screw terminals on the board as indicated in that post linked above.

It does seems at least on my unit that the current TL and GND as connected to the m2Nano controller do connect to the TL and GND on the LPSU. To clarify might I ask in this case are L and TL synonymous? I noted above L was used were as previous TL was referenced. Apologies I’ve not found a good reference sheet denoting some of these acronyms.
In this case then the GND from the laser would connect to the Laser Ground of the controller and the TL connection from the laser connecting to the laser firing pin is that a correct understanding? Thank you.

For our context, yes:
L means TL on the LPSU and “Laser Fire“ output on the board.

The attached image shows how I ended up connecting in the Cohesion3D board. Hoping for confirmation that given the above discussion this is accurate. Thank you.

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I would remove the large power plug from the board, the only reason it gets plugged in is for laser fire, which you have now wired separately.

In my system I have an additional board which I’m uncertain as to its function. The larger power plug with the yellow, black and red wires plugs into this board as denoted by the arrows.


What is this secondary board and do then you still advice that I remove the power plug? Thank you.

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I did like the picture and also removed the large connector, as suggested by Ray.
It works, thanks.

Mine looks similar and It is a 24V/5V power supply.

That’s a power supply for the stepper motors (among other things). The power brick that came with the laserboard will replace this entirely. Somewhere on it should be a rating plate - you might be able to use it instead of the power brick for a “cleaner” install, but the brick that comes with the laserboard is actually really high quality. Stick with it…

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Hi Steve,

Can you take this picture for me again without the power plug connected to the LaserBoard? I am doing a documentation article about hooking up TL and Gnd right now and this is a nice pic I would like to use. Thanks!

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