Lost Rotary Calibration & No Jog Control thru Lightburn after update & SD Card Corrupted / died

After writing this and fighting with the settings/config file, I’m wondering if it’s board related (vs Lightburn)? Corrupted Firmware? Because an update was done using a SD card that died shortly thereafter (couple of weeks after)?

Machine: K40 6C6879-LASER-M2: 9
Board: Laserboard
Firmware: Smoothie
Problem/ Question:
Hi - I have been having a series of issues with my control of the rotary which happened after last software update which I ran a month or so ago. Here’s what I can outline to see what I see:

  • The steps seemed to be all of the sudden way off. Had to set a 0.5" dia in Lightburn as like .01" to make it work
  • Decided to revert to prior config.txt and go thru settings to see what was going on
  • Did math and all seemed to be good for the rotary setting in config file using
  • re-started board and still not working correctly, couldn’t jog A (rotary not moving) or run quick line test
  • Swapped Z and A and jogged Z and rotary moved fine, so no stepper issues on rotary setup
  • in between testing different settings in config to see if anything worked, SD Card died. Tried few times and won’t load or even let you try to repair on PC. Tried new card and works fine
  • Machine firmware was updated a little while ago too with the smoothie clustering setting enabled and seemed to work nicely
  • So now stuck with A axis not jogging in Lightburn
  • Test piece was 1.1" dia
  • Had to set lightburn to something around 0.14" to make it correctly work but had also set all “____max_rate” to really low value because it was moving everything way too fast all of the sudden.
  • test worked at super slow setting with incorrect diameter setting in Lightburn’s rotary setting.
  • Jog (curved arrows) in Lightburn still not working
  • Console tested G0 A360 and other angles and it works perfectly, jog buttons still nothing

I’m at a loss here. Could board have been updated with “corrupted” firmware somehow if SD card was on it’s way out and seem ok but just have other issues like experiencing now?

So again stuck at Jog not working and value in Rotary Setup has to be faked to get it to work. Below is setting for the A axis in current config.txt tried. Have tried diff values on rate and accel to see if some weird connection to issue but no luck.

Wouldn’t the A360 or whatever degree value tested be off thru console test if the steps per mm was incorrect? If that value is right, why all of the sudden have to put fake setting in Lightburn to make it work, still with Jog buttons not working.

Also note, this rotary setup is just a single stepper with the piece to burn mounted to it directly (1:1).

A axis

delta_steps_per_mm 8.885 # may be steps per degree for example // was 8.88

delta_step_pin 2.3 # Pin for delta stepper step signal
delta_dir_pin 0.22 # Pin for delta stepper direction
delta_en_pin 0.21 # Pin for delta enable
delta_current 0.8 # Z stepper motor current //WAS @ 0.6
delta_max_rate 1200 # mm/min // was @ 12000
delta_acceleration 50 # mm/sec² //was @ 1000

Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated!

Update here:

  • Tried reflashing firmware and stock config with no luck
  • Tried setting Lightburn back to mm / sec vs Inches / mm/sec units and now it is back to how it was before. When I did the upgrade I think I found the new mixed units setting and was so happy to try. I didn’t realize that broke my rotary settings for some reason.
  • All back to “normal” here, except I’m confused by the jog still moving it way less than the amt selected along circumference.
  • Not sure why the sd card died but have my own in place now working
  • So all in the end was related to the units setting then thinking it was the board and then actual issues with the config or firmware being corrupted by bad card when flashing & loading while troubleshooting.