Looking for advise on how to add external jog buttons

Machine: K40, running C3D, Z Table, Stepper driver.

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I’ve installed a LightObjects Z-Table and have everything working properly. I can control it through lightBurn as expected. Limit switches are on the way to also add. My problem is, I’d like to add external Z axis jog buttons and I mistakenly assumed this would be a plug and play endeavor.

I came across this post and I believe it has the answer to my query, but its since been closed. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction WRT “set up basic jog-some-set-amount buttons using the switch construct in the stock config file”


You’d have to remap some unused pins to motion control switches. Unused endstop pins may be a good choice here. You’ll have to remove the assignment from the config file and add a switch definition.

The documentation from Smoothie’s website to do this is here:

I’ve never tried messing with this, but it looks like it’d be pretty straightforward, and the example there even has a Z+10 button defined. Looks like you may be able to modify that to do what you need.

You’re in uncharted territory here - good luck.

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