Looking for a rotary - have questions

Hello, I wanting to buy a rotary but not sure what I need.
I have a 60W blue and gray Chinese laser with Ruida controller.
If I order one of you rotaries what else would I need ? Would it plug and play ?
does it cone with a manual?
Are they on stock now ?

Hi Mauricio,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload photos as needed.

For many DSP controllers, there are some things to consider. If your machine has stepper motors, you may have to unplug the Y motor to plug the rotary motor in, depending on how many axes your controller natively supports. In this instance, you would also need to change the current between the stock value (ex: 3.5 amps) and 1 amp for the rotary each time you are switching between normal Y and the rotary . If your machine has 3 phase motors, you would need to install a separate stepper driver and wire it in.

It is best to install a separate stepper driver for the rotary and then you just have to swap a connector plug each time you want to switch between the normal Y motor and the rotary. The stepper driver should be set to approximately 1 amp and the rotary stepper motor should be cool to the touch.

On the product page for the rotary, it will show the availability and allow orders to be placed once all of the parts are in stock again, which should be soon. For more information on use with your controller, scroll down to the Compatibility section on the link above.

We recommend reviewing the Rotary Setup doc for general information on setting up and dialing in your settings.

Additional information regarding features and add-ons, as well as DSP external stepper drivers and Ruida controllers is covered in our Rotary Attachment announcement.

If you still have questions about compatibility, please provide pictures of your Ruida controller, stepper motor drivers, wiring, and electronics.

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