Longer ribbon cable needed for enlarged K40

Machine: K40

Board: C3D Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I plan to enlarge my K40 and move the C3D Laserboard to the outside wall of the case. That will require a longer 12-connector ribbon cable. I can’t find any longer than 500mm on the web. Can anyone direct me to a source for compatible ribbon cables that are 1000mm long? Or, maybe there’s an alternative to using a ribbon cable??? Thanks!

Why you want to use such type of wiring? modifying/upgrading requires some other changes, keeping that ribbon and those crappy endstops is not good in a mod. replace endstops and get rid of that cheap crap, and put some real wires on that machine.


I’ve never been able to figure out a sourcing solution for that ribbon cable. Removing it and putting in normal wires for the stepper motor and limit switches may be the better solution as Pedro describes.

These limit switches are good for replacing the optical sensors and come with 1 meter cables. So you just need to get the X motor breakout and run 4 long wires for it to the C3D board.

It’s called flex cable so it will have longer life than wires to a moving motor. I was going to replace my flex cable with wires until figured out why its used. I also found out its is also called FPC cable so I searched and found this extender.

Excellent…thanks for the helpful tip!

Turns out, that extension connector is also on Amazon:

It says out of stock. Newegg says free shipping from China. I looked on aliexpress. When you are retired you have no schedule so you just go where your curiosity takes you.

Wow…I guess my Amazon order of 2 of them last night wiped them out. Sorry 'bout that. The price at aliexpress is much lower.

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