Lines are coming out off

My machine has been acting up when cutting circles, I also noticed it with doing line engraves that text is coming out off too (see image above). I have tried to slow everything down, adjusted my steppers current via the stepper drivers, and even tightened my belts, but it still seem to be having this issue. If anyone knows of something I may be missing that could help me with this that would be great.
Thank You In Advance,
Paul Teknus

You can check mirror alignment by checking if the diagonals are equal. You’ve tried everything I thought of.

Hello Paul,
I went about redoing my mirror alignment and that seemed to somewhat help, but I have noticed a theme going on that has got me very confused. (see above image). As you can see from the picture I ran four test cuts at 60mm square. After doing all four I realized something, the x axis is increasing in size as I went, and the y axis was decreasing as I went. Nothing was changing on the file (even kept it in the same spot). does anyone know where to even begin with this? (is there something simple I am missing?) As stated in my previous post I have tried to calibrate the steps of the motors , and tightened the belts up to the point where they cannot be tighten anymore. I also made sure that me mirrors are hitting center wherever they go and are center to the nozzle (even already got a rough spot for where my height is for the nozzle).
Thanks In Advance,

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