Limit switch

Machine: K40

Board C3d laserboard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Built a z table and installed limit switch,have c on switch hooked to gnd and nc on switch hooked to sig at z max on board,when switch is pressed z table doesn’t stop

Hi Steve, can you test your endstop using the method outlined in this article?

You’ve connected to the NC (normally closed) terminal instead of the NO (normally open) terminal, so let’s make sure the behavior is what you are expecting, and that the switch does indeed work.

If the switch works properly you can then choose to change the logic of how it operates (‘on’ versus ‘off’) in the config file, but let’s first do the endstop test.

I’m following this also. I have the same issue. I have two normally closed switches on my Z. I have tested the end stops. I set my top switch as Z Min and I will lift my bed and when I hear the switch click I stop and check my end stops. X Y Z and say Min 1. I move the table down and hear it click and check end stops and Z says 0. so its working. I checked the pins and they are 128 and 129. * also changed the configuration file from False to True under (#gamma_limit_enable true # set to true to enable Z min and max limit switches) I have both Min and max switches.
But when I use the move tab and press the arrows up or down It ignores the limit switches. I also have homing issues since I switched X and Y in the config file. and I have the X and Y moving the opposite of commanded. Thanks in advance