Limit stop plug

Machine: K40

Board: C3D Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Been having homing issues, thought it was fixed by wiggling wiring so tonight I thought I would look into a little deeper. Found 3 end stop wires pulled out of the plug going into the C3D board with a big glob of silicone around it.

Checked both limits and they are working correctly just the wiring pulled out of plug, is there a wiring diagram for proper pin outs for the plug and what is the best way to repair. Or would I be better off just ordering new limits from Cohesion and if I do is a new plug installed on both X and Y limits.

Thank you in advance

You can hook up endstops to the K40 connector or to the dedicated endstop row on the bottom.

You can recrimp your existing wires to go to those, solder them to DuPont jumper wires if you don’t want to crimp, or buy the mechanical limit switches from our store - that’s the one that’s just the switch, not the red board. It comes with the wiring and plug to go directly to the individual endstop connectors along the bottom row. You would connect them to Sig and Gnd.

We would use X min and Y max for a K40.

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