LightObject Z table correct config.txt settings

Machine: K40

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:

Can someone please provide the correct config.txt settings for a Light Object Z Table connected to the Laserboard? I have found multiple forum posts that describe possible settings for an unknown generic z table but no post that provides correct settings for a Light Object Z table.

More info:

  • I currently have the default settings for the config.txt except I have changed gamma_steps_per_mm from 157.575 to 3169 as that seems to be correct value (measured with digital calipers)
  • The z axis stepper is connected directly to Laserboard.
  • The z axis limit switch is at the bottom of the table.

Problems I’m having:

  • Selecting “Home All Axes” in Laserboard display with knob homes X and Y correctly and moves Z a tiny amount (maybe 1mm) then stops and does nothing more. It does not move to the z limit switch.
  • Sending G28.2 Z using Lightburn seems to do nothing.

This is extremely confusing…

Which way is up? which way is down? Which way is up/down supposed to be? Why can’t I home?

I’m really frustrated… Can someone give me a simple baseline config.txt for a Light Object Z table so I can start from there? Thanks in advance!

Hi Aaron, let’s try to figure out what is going on. We’ll assume you’ve been through our guide to setting up a Z table, but you can you confirm you’ve read through it?

Next, can you answer the following questions?

  1. Where do you have your Z axis limit switch plugged into the LaserBoard?
  2. Have you made any changes to the stock config file besides the gamma_steps_per_mm?
  3. Have you run the M119 test for the endstops?
  4. Can we see your config file?

For testing the endstops, here’s an explanation of the process:

If you can paste the results of the endstop tests in a reply, we can see what your Z endstop is doing.

To post the config file in a reply here please surround it with 3 backticks (that’s the key at the top left of your keyboard where the tilde is) like so:


paste your config file here


It will make the code nicely formatted like this
This is Line 2
I might be enjoying this var when (I say I am)

Alternatively, you may paste the config file to Pastebin, Dropbox, or Google Drive and provide the link here.

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