Lightburn camera started glitching during burns then eventually freezes

Machine: K40 Mini - Preenex M2 Nano
Board: LaserBoard
Firmware: Smoothie

My Lightburn camera started glitching during burns and then eventually freezes.
For a while when it would glitch and then freeze, I was able to select no camera from the drop-down and then back to LightBurn Camera and would show again for a bit but continued glitching until it would freeze again.

Yesterday, it glitched and went black and at that point LightBurn displayed the hourglass and refused further input, this was during a burn. After the job finished, the LightBurn Camera no longer showed up in the drop-down.

After a restart, then plunging in the unplugged camera and then starting LightBurn, the camera is back but still getting the glitch once a job has started.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with the LightBurn Camera?

USB is only good up to 15 feet. My light burn camera was doing the same thing, and would loc up completely. Unless the camera is going directly to the computer without any additional cables, my guess is the issue is the cable length. I purchased an Active USB Booster cable to go between the camera and the computer. Ever since, my camera works flawlessly with full video streaming.

Thanks @RRTycoon2 I just ordered one… I’ll report back here when it arrives

I just received the new cable and realized, I should have tested this before I ordered but my camera is still glitching and freezing even when it’s plugged in direct with no extension cable.

Possibly it’s the way I routed the cable, a bad cable or maybe a bad camera?
Time for further testing…

The bottom line is that USB sucks. The camera is a high-bandwidth device and probably will eat an entire USB bus itself. Try different USB ports on your system and see if that helps clear it up. Also make doubly certain that the cable doesn’t go anywhere near the high voltage lines coming from the laser power supply. The EMI/RFI inside the laser itself is pretty hostile.

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