Lightburn c

Machine: _K40. Just installed the Cohesion 3d main board

Board: Cohesion 3d order

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: _Installed the new Cohesion board and installed the camera. The camera doesn’t show in the device manager or in lightburn software. I have checked all of the Windows 10 settings and disabled my antivirus and still nothing. I have also plugged it into 2 other Windows 10 computers and have the same result. I double checked the wiring into the camera and also made sure it was a live USB. I believe my camera is just dead. Can someone help? I waited 10 days for these items to show and am disappointed to have problems right from the start.

We test every camera here before shipping them out, so a defect is unlikely, but electronics can still occasionally go bad for inexplicable reasons.

Some questions, please help me understand by replying to them very clearly.

  • Is there a “ding” or any other indication that the computer recognizes the camera when you plug it in?
  • Can you view the camera if you try to use the native Win 10 Camera app?
  • Is there another computer you can try this out on?

This guidance from LightBurn may also be of help:

My answers to your questions
• Is there a “ding” or any other indication that the computer recognizes the camera when you plug it in? None at all. I’m running the latest Windows 10 home edition
• Can you view the camera if you try to use the native Win 10 Camera app? The camera app states no camera detected
• Is there another computer you can try this out on? Not only do I have another home pc, I have a windows 10 laptop from my employer.
The camera doesn’t appear in the device manager of any of the 3 computers. I’ve followed the light burn troubleshooting. I’ve disabled my anti virus. I’ve made sure the windows media pack was installed and enabled. The cohesion board in the laser went perfectly. I am sorry to disappoint. But I believe this camera failed in install.

Update for today 8/03/21
Because you are slow to respond, I was playing around in the settings and tried the camera again. This time it actually was discovered and worked for approximately 15 minutes. Now I am receiving the same old nothing I got when I originally plugged it in. Please do not make this more difficult than it needs to be. I am requesting a new camera be sent and I’ll exchange this, “defective” camera. you can do all of the product testing you like, maybe it will keep this from happening for your future customers. By the way, I used to make printed circuit boards for HP and I was using a static dissipating wrist strap also.
Thank you

From your description, it sounds like the issue might be as simple as a loose cable on the camera end.

Please provide pictures of your installation including a close up of the small connector on the camera module and the cable going into it so I can have a look.

I’ve attempted to upload the pictures, but since I’m a new user, I’m not allowed! I am growing impatient as I have spent nearly $384.00 with the upgrades and cannot use my laser as expected. I would be more than happy to email you to a personal email address. OR I can next day ship to you and you can test my setup and draw your own conclusions. Either way I would really appreciate an expedited response and we can get this issue resolved.

Hi Troy,

I have upgraded your trust level so that you now post those pictures.

While I can understand the desire to be up and running, there is a debugging process to be followed, and being impatient will not help it go any faster.

Thank you!

I understand the debugging process and I know you deal with all kinds of people, but you don’t know me and what I’m capable of troubleshooting. When I tell you there is an issue, It could be in the cord, but I’m pretty positive it is the camera. Also, in today’s electronic age, I would think that 3-4 days to respond is just disrespectful to your customers. Camer side Camera Top Cohesion camera

With all due respect, you’re not the one running an electronics company in the midst of the worst supply chain disruption and labor shortage of the century. We’re understaffed, have a bunch of other stuff happening, and I’m trying to keep up with everything and keep the company afloat.

We’ll be in touch over email with instructions on how to return the original camera module and cable to us, and we’ll arrange for a replacement module and cable to be sent out.

Can you please confirm that you are able to remove the camera from the mount without destroying either, in order to facilitate this exchange?

As part of the debugging process, I purchased another camera from Amazon with cable. The new camera and cable worked perfectly. I then took it a step further and used the cable you provided. It too worked just fine. The problem it seems is the camera. With all due respect, I have been in manufacturing of electronics for over 15 years. I do also understand the supply chain disruption and labor shortage. Unfortunately, that is an owner’s nightmare and when the owner is having trouble keeping up, you might consider how you respond to your customers. Customers that can go on the internet and purchase the exact item you sold to them and receive it within 2 days. And if it didn’t function properly, would get a quicker response. I would guess from our correspondence, you are just as happy with my posts as I am yours. Let me be clear, I am able to remove the camera from the mount without destroying the camera or the mount. I am also 100% positive the problem is with the camera so I will not need a cable. The choice is now yours, you can either replace the camera or refund my money. The camera is in an ESD bag awaiting instructions where to send it. I look forward to your response. (in several days)
If we can learn anything from this, a simple timely response to a customer could keep them happy with your products and service. Also, doing my research better and choosing who I will spend my hard earned money with in the future.

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