Light object to cohesion question

I’am installing a light object z table to my k40 with my cohesion laser board. I have successfully got it to work…pretty cool. The stepper motor wiring is A+A_B+B- and the cohesion board is A1A2 B1B2, once I figured out A+ = A1 and so forth it worked fine. My problem is in light burn, using the move function, up is down and down is up. Not a big deal but I think I have two wires crossed. Does anyone know what those may be, I hate to start randomly switching wires.
Also I would like to install a couple limit switch’s in series to eliminate bottoming and topping out. Is there one power wire for up…possiably A+ and B+ for down, or just one for both?

Thanks in advance

Did you consider flipping the Z direction in lightburn, and using the dedicated endstop connections on the board? I believe both are in their respective documentation. Give them a read?

Jordy thanks, I didn’t even consider changing directionin light burn. easy

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