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I had an m2 nano on a k40, I upgrade it to cohesion 3d laser board. Is the a way to hand trace an object an load it into the software in order to cut it out as if it was computer drafted? My attempts, the laser runs back an for over the same path to cut out an object.

With the image imported into Lightburn you can go to Tools and then Trace Image(or Alt+T) then play with the threshold till you are happy with it and hit ok. This will allow you to either run it as you want, either line or fill in your case it sounds like you would want to choose line. I did a quick video using a Sonic image I found via google as an example. Hope this helps.


Awesome, thank you for your help.

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Yes, if you have a scan of the image, LightBurn can trace it for you.

(Thanks Gary, it wasn’t clear to me that’s what he was asking at first).

Otherwise, you can also “scan” graphics in by using the Camera Functionality. (this is what I thought you were talking about)

Watch the Demo video on this page:

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