Light burn software with a ruida controller

Hi, I have a problem with the text size from lightburn to the ruida controller. I came across a video on you tube on how to configure the problem but now I can’t find the video. Maybe someone knows how to go about to fix it through the settings in lightburn? Thank you

This is probably a question better asked on the LightBurn forum itself ( as this forum doesn’t really deal with Ruida controllers (unless you want to swap your Ruida controller for a Laserboard :))

That said, if you want to configure text size in LightBurn, select the text object and up in the top ribbon there’s a box to select the text size. I don’t have LB installed on this machine so I can’t make/annotate a screenshot right now, but if you play around with it a bit I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out :slight_smile: