Let the adventure begin!



Most of these LPSU’s have the same control mechanisms so that isn’t my concern. Whether the LPSU that is in your machine is not complete garbage and can actually respond to pwm is a much higher ranking question.

(I bring this concern up because of the age of your machine)

(Cliff Bryans) #22

Fair enough. Any specific brand/model you would recommend?

(Jamie Richards) #23

The most recommended model is the HY-T50.


I would recommend not doing it yet, and just keep it in the back of your mind as a “might need to happen later” item.

(Cliff Bryans) #25

Ok sounds good. I’ve got almost everything out,(keep forgetting to bring tools home from work) will have more pics then.


I may also be stocking Laser Power Supplies in the future. I keep wavering on it: I want to, but it’s a physically larger item than boards or optics and with a lower profit margin possible.

(Cliff Bryans) #27

Nothing like someone else posting there own restoration to get me off my ass to get more done.
Here are a couple progress pics. First is the cleaned up gantry/ The second is the stripped out and cleaned chassis.

Yay progress.

Like the one Jamie Richards is restoring, this one is all bolted/screwed together.

(Jamie Richards) #28

Weird how similar our machines are.

(Cliff Bryans) #29

Yes it is. After seeing ours and then all these other k40 machines, I’m inclined to thing mine may be a middle step between the two…

(Cliff Bryans) #30

One thing I see different than any of the other machines is that my control board was electrically isolated from the chassis. They used plastic stand-offs and a paper sheet.

More cleanup, this time the tube area.

Need to decide what to do with this.
These are the holes where they had the accessory outlets.
It looks like somebody went at it with a dull beaver.

(Jamie Richards) #31

Your unit is cleaning up rather well! I could scrub my gantry with SOS or Brillo pads to get the brown stains off the aluminum, but function over form. Tried two different cleaners and said the heck with it. If I planned on selling it, I’d spiffy shine it, but it will be put to use pretty soon. Someone would need to offer a very substantial amount. Not gonna happen! :slight_smile:

(Cliff Bryans) #32

It may sound silly but I found dish soap and warm water worked were everything else didn’t. Wasted much time before I had tried it.

(Jamie Richards) #33

I can give it a try. It is pretty clean now with just a little brown staining from all the years at work I assume.

(Starla Fox) #34

It smells, but soaking the parts in vinegar may also help get that old caked on residue off.