Let the adventure begin!

So here starts the adventure that is rescuing a poorly treated laser.
This will serve to be my rebuild/rescue log. I will try to have as many pictures as possible to document progress.
Here she is as I first received her.

As you can see, VERY dirty even the tube was covered in a thick brown layer of shmoo.
I started this project with the reality that I may have to replace everything.
Thankfully what I have to start with was free.
sorry for the fuzzy pics. hopefully the next ones will be better.


Shmoo looks like the thing caught fire! Gross!

Good luck!

No fire in this one. They used it to engrave leather, which is very messy. They also didn’t use very good ventilation.

The cleaning is coming along very well. I will have some more pictures up shortly to show progress.

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His looks to be in slightly better shape than the one I’m restoring.

One thing to keep in mind since this is an early unit, the power supply may need updated to work properly with the newer board. Fairly cheap to do if you go for OEM style.

The clean up so far.

Some things that need to be addressed.
#1 bad grounding.

#2 random live wires not connected to anything.

#3 couple spots with butt splices.

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Looking much better now that you have cleaned it up some. I wish I could find some free lasers to refurbish :slight_smile:

Was just sheer luck, and I figured I possibly may have to swap everything out.
The tube has a 2009 date so that will need replacing, the mirrors and lens are toast so need those new as well. And the main reason we are all here the control board, mine has a date code of Oct 2010. oh yes the power supply as was mentioned do to it being very old and probably not liking PWM.

On the plus side this chassis seems to be built much better than the new ones, this thing is a tank.

Thing has an electronics compartment almost as large as the cutting area! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of room for external stepper drivers, power supplies.

I have considered doing the expansion upgrade after I get to play with it for a bit.

Were there any indications as to an actual model/part number anywhere? If this is a pre-FSL 4th Gen, I’ll have to reevaluate the K40 lineage.

Nothing really but here are some pics with maybe useful info.
What is it about this that makes you want to rethink the k40 lineage.

The year is what I was trying to determine. It’s believed the K40 was based on the Full Spectrum MLE-40, but yours was made around the same time, so I have to do further research. Your gantry, other than the single linear rail even looks similar and better built than the later models. Intriguing.

It is definitely better than the new ones. A friend just bought a new k40 and had to shim the gantry as it was not even square.

If I can, I’ll get a hold of the guy that gave it to me to see if he can remember any more details or see when where he purchased it.

Yep, common problem. That Moshi board with those large chips is interesting. Not sure how many different versions there are until they started putting the Nano boards in.

Mine is one of the oldest versions I have found perusing various forums. Seem most people that have the moshi board have the red ones with the exception of 1 or 2 with a newer version of the black one.

I checked the Wayback machine but the moshi site didn’t have anything on my version.


I would agree that this is a Moshi I have never seen before - they’ve mostly been red, and maybe one or two blue ones?

It is worth noting that the connectors used are different types than what we’ve put on LaserBoard for all the “current” Chinese boards, so you should be prepared to cut and crimp pretty much all the wires if/ when you get a LaserBoard. We have a crimp pack on the webshop.

Your motor plugs appear to be a Molex KK style while everywhere else now uses a JST XH.

Are there endstops on this machine? I did not see a cable for these.

It has optical end stops. It is on one of the connectors near the ribbon connector. I’m good with replacing all the connectors and wiring if needed. I have crimpers for most connector types and access to one I don’t have.

Aha, yes, I do see that other plug now in the corner. Coolio.

This is the power supply in my laser. Any chance you think it will work with pwm from Laserboard.