LED Laser connections

Machine: 5 Watt Laser Open Frame - Modified larger frame

Board: Old board was an ‘Acan’ grbl, new is the Cohestion3d

Firmware: _Smoothie - Have not powered the unit yet.

Problem/ Question: Wondering if I have the correct LED connections. I’m thinking the +24, 2nd pin down GND, and the 4th pin for the yellow/fire? My old setup had a 12V power supply, the new Cohesion is 24V…another observation.

Project update…
Got the x and y axis working and scaled properly (config file). Liking the LB software!
Now for the laser, the laser is 12v, so it appears I need to power it separately, and tie the gnd to the board, and yellow wire to the L (fire) terminal??
Any thoughts?

As a starting point, I can point you to these 2 resources:

Thanks Ray!
I’ll try that this evening.

I’m only getting a very dim light from the laser.
I have the layer set to 100%.


I’ve also noticed the LED fire light isn’t coming on……
It does running G1 X10 s1.0 f300

Got it working!
Now to start learning software…


For the benefit of others, can you share what the issue was and how you solved it?

I have it wired as shown in the picture above. When I ran g1 x10 s1.0 f300 I wasn’t getting the laser to fire (no led on board indicating a fire…clue). Once I ran it using 0.5, it started firing. So I had to use 0.1 to 0.9 for the S.
Also noticed my computer keeps defaulting to GRBL instead of Smoothieware, so I have to remember that each time I fire it up!
I’ve successfully pulled in dxf files from autocad (to scale) and now an a happy camper!!
Thanks Ray!

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