LCD connection

Note: I just received my C3D board and LCD panel from Cohesion. The “cohesion mini” document for the LCD install did not show the detail I need.

I am trying to install the Cohesion3D LCD Panel. I have both cables connected to the adapter, and the adapter plugged into the C3D board. What I don’t understand is which cable goes to which plug on the back of the LCD card. When I lay out the 2 cables flat, one of the cables lays out correctly, the other has to be flipped over to go in the socket. If I plug them in and they are backwards, does the world as we know it come to an end ?

CURIOSITY QUESTION: if I plug in the laser with no water connected and DO NOT TEST FIRE THE LASER, will I hurt anything ? Just trying to try out axis and lights.

Thank you so much.


regarding your test question, as long as you do NOT fire the laser (set power at 0 you will not damage anything as far as the tube goes.

Thank you very much for your response. Any idea about connecting tne LCD ?

Put the red stripe on the ribbon cables pointing to pin 1 in all cases and it will work :slight_smile:

Not working. Cables can only go 1 way. Plugs and sockets are keyed. Picture attached. All pins seated on C3D board.

Nothing showing on screen.

On my machine the red stripes on the ribbon cables are facing the green connectors on the Cohesion3D board. The interface card could be plugged to the main board wrong. I do not remember it being keyed.

There should be a number 1 terminal for each ribbon cable connection at each end. the red stripe should be on the end with the #1

First the LCD is working on my machine and I do not disagree with Pin 1 is the red end of the cable. I am referring to the interface card that is provided to plug into the Cohesion board. It is not keyed and on Bob’s picture it is not plugged into the main board correctly. It needs to be rotated 180 degrees.

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