Lcd card reader will not show gcode saved on it

I have just gotten around to installing my LCD unit on my k40/Cohesion3d. I have it running fine except for the SD card reader. I can jog and run all of the functions except run a file from the card. I have spent a few days going over the support forums and nothing seems to help.

I am, as far as I can tell, following instructions directly from the site. My reason for installing the LCD is that I am getting interference over my USB connection and it keeps resetting the job. I would like the option of running off of the card to avoid this.

Any info on either issue is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The SD card slot on the LCD itself is not used. You would put your Gcode files on the SD card that also contains the unit’s firmware (that is, the SD card in the laserboard itself).

At this moment I feel…well…uh… Stupid. lol. Thanks a lot loather. I appreciate it. It LIVES!

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