Latest firmware

Running a K40 with the Cohesion 3D board, on boot the Cohesion screen says Jue 2019 firmware.

So i figured it was time for an upgrade, but i cannot find any links on this site for the firmware updates or instructions on how to do.

Tried searching o forums and on the site for links but got no were.

Also a side question, is there a document that can show me what all the connectors of the board do? I want to see what I am missing out on. Like a whole diagram of all the connectors and what they all do. Ive found a few documents that show what some do but not all.



I have found the schematic for the cohesion board by simply googling it. As for updating the firmware I am also trying to find a source. So the board runs Smoothie but the firmware cannot be updated by installing a new version without establishing the correct step/mm for each stepper motor. There are numerous ways of determining your s/mm but finding the correct location within the firmware to set these numbers can be difficult. Finally I have dropped a ticket for the correct firmware for the cohesion adapter as well as the Cohesion LCD Firmware and I have had no response yet. If you do find an answer please post it in this forum so I can take advantage of the info.


Thanks Richard

Found the diagram

Just have to wait for the firmware i suppose.


I think im only trying to update Smoothie…

Will you kindkys link to diagram?

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