LaserBoard Z axis not working as expected. Any hints?

Machine: K40

Board: laser Board

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem:Adding a custom Z table to my K40 and LaserBoard. When I connect the Z stepper (typical nema17) and try to move the stepper, it just vibrates back and forth. Attaching to the A axis driver, the stepper works as expected. Checked connections, A/!a, B/!B etc everything seems good.

Any hints here? is this a firmware adjustment needed or did I get a bad stepper driver on the Z axis?

Looks like the Z axis stepper driver on board is blown. using an external stepper driver is a temp work around. Unless someone knows something I might be missing

Check the config file and see if it’s not providing the required current to the motor.

plenty of current for the stepper. same settings as A Axis, stepper works there just not on the Z axis. pretty sure Z Axis driver is blown at this point

Hi Ken,

We check that all the drivers are functional as part of the board test at the factory. It would be rare but entirely possible that a driver has gone bad, and I’ll be happy to replace the board if this is the case.

But first, let’s run some tests and figure a few things out:

First, I always ask for pictures of the board, machine, and wiring so that I can peruse and attempt to spot any glaring issues.

Can you plug the Y motor into the Z port and try to jog? The Y motor is a known entity with regard to steps and motor current requirements. Please let us know what happens there. A video could be useful so that I can see exactly what the issue is. "

There are multiple kinds of motor buzzing and by now I’m fairly well tuned to them :slight_smile:

Next, you may need to adjust the config on the board’s memory card. Z is Gamma and there is the current which can be set up to 1.2 and the steps per mm would have to correspond to your setup.

Finally, you can try to jog by issuing a gCode command such as G0 Z10 F120 where F is a low value in the range of 60-300, as these would correspond to 1-5mm/s. Perhaps work your way up a little more from there. 600 is 10mm/s which would be a noticeable speed even for the laser head.

So cranking up the current to 1.2A seems to have done the trick, this is kinda of surprising since both the Z and A axis were both used in testing the A axis worked as expected off the onboard stepper driver.


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