Laserboard pinout?

I recently received my Laserboard. I currently have the stock K40 power supply (3 green plugs, (2) 4 pin and (1) 6pin)
I was able to replace the Nano board with the Laserboard and everything is working.

I think my stock PSU is weak/shot right out of the box as it will only generate about 8ma of current, even with the pot set to maximum and the software set to 100% (also, the test button only operates laser with 8ma).

I’d like to replace with a bigger/better quality PSU, but the larger ones I am looking at don’t have all the same pinouts. Is there a Laserboard pinout somewhere? There are beautiful drawings for the mini, but I can’t find one for the Laserboard.

What I am mainly wanting to know is, if I replace my stock K40 PSU with something like this:

Will it work with Laserboard? I assume so, but the new supply seems to be lacking the 24V out that the old supply has. Since Laserboard has it’s own 24V supply, is this needed at all?

Thanks. Things are working pretty good with the new setup. If I can get this lack of power situation ironed out, It should be a nice setup!



The 24v and 5v out from the stock psu isn’t connected to anything on the laserboard just the laser trigger and ground connection.

I’m out at the moment but will have a look at this properly when I’m able.

Actually have managed to have a look at the link. It’s definitely compatible with the laserboard.

Just needs slightly different wiring due to the different pin out from the lpsu.

I would also recommend this thread for wiring that type of psu:

My long term plan is to get my existing crop of mods installed, leaving room for the Cloudray 60W supply, and replace the main supply when A: It dies, or B: I get tired of looking at it. :slight_smile:

I’d already bought a 24V 8A SMPS and 12V 10A SMPS (for the marine vent fan), and smaller 5V supply for accessories. The 24V will come up when the key lock switch is on. The Air assist pump will be controlled by SSR from the Laserboard Air assist output, Water pump (120VAC) and smoke fan (12VDC) by front panel switch through SSR, and so on.