Laserboard pinout or simplified schematic

i may just be looking in all the wrong places, but is there a simplified schematic or pinout for the Laserboard somewhere?

Now that I have the board in hand, there’s a bunch of interesting notes on both sides, but some are less clear than they could be as to what is intended. I’m hoping to launch my huge upgrade project this weekend, starting with fixing the air duct, and finishing with just about a total rewire.

We have not yet released a pinout diagram as we prefer to walk people through whatever they want to do and are happy to answer those questions.

There are specific articles in the #documentation section of this forum that explain air assist wiring, etc. and once again we are happy to walk you through whatever you want to do.

That said, here is what we have at the moment as far as a diagram:

This may also be helpful:

The pic helps a lot!

Things which are still unclear to me:
Top left shows a green power connector, is this solely for the steppers, with the coaxial power connector “DC in Jack” supplying power to the rest of the board?

Reset and Kill buttons: Do the two pin headers adjacent them provide connections to those switches?

“Map driver jumpers”. What do these do?

VM Screw terminal: I plan to power my electronics bay fan (24V) from here.

Low left "“FET”… What’s that for?

The top left screw terminal and the DC Jack are electrically the same connection.

From the post I linked:

There are certain motion frame designs (CNC router frames, and the little diode machines) that use 2 Y motors. This allows you to reassign the 4th driver labeled A, from its own axis (most likely running a rotary), to mirror the signals of the Y axis. Useful if you need more power for 2 larger Y motors and cannot power them from the single Y driver in parallel.
This only modifies the function of the built in A driver. The breakouts for the external stepper drivers are always X Y Z A.

Yep, you could power the board from the DC Jack with the included power brick and hook up a small fan to that. We get similar questions often and encourage people not to do this, but your call:

The LaserBoard has 3 different Laser Control Mechanisms:

The typical CO2 laser is fired from an optoisolator, there is where Laser Fire (L) and Laser Gnd come into play.
There is also a 0-5v output, and the one you are asking about is an FET to actually drive some loads like a laser diode or a relay. Diodes are 12v though so don’t just blindly hook one up to that terminal, you need a 12v psu for the diode and the 24v brick for the board.

No worries, I am an EE.