Laserboard not starting

Machine: K40

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I have been rebuilding my k40 laser since I ordered the laserboard from cohesion back in may. I have not been able to connect the board until now due to the pandemic and limited time. But I had some time over the holiday now and decided to try get it all connected. I followed the guides on the webpage and all seemed to go well. I have no custom setups and is a straight forward swap out for the nano board but for some reason when I tried to power up the board before getting it all connected nothing happens. The red power light comes on but then nothing shows up on the LCD screen and my computer cannot connect to it through lightburn using the usb.

After digging around on the internet I found a few other people who have had the same problem and I was wondering if you could help me.

In one article, linked here, there were some steps that tech support asked the person to go through which I thought would be good to check off the list so that it will make it faster at diagnosing the issue. I have done the following checks:

  1. I am able to read the SD card on my machine
  2. I have used the the supplied power brick and powered the board without the SD card and waited for more than a minute. More like 5 mins but no green lights show
  3. I have used the multi meter as directed and have the following results:

With power on:
VMOT = 24v steady
5v = 1,2v
3v = 0,2v and 0,2v

Power off continuity
VMOT = no beep
5v = no beep
3v = beep and beep

Power off continuity with removed jumper:
VMOT = no beep
5v = no beep
3v = beep and beep

Power off continuity with jumper in green position:
VMOT = no beep
5v = no beep
3v = beep and beep

I have also taken a picture of the board but there is nothing to really show as I havnt even installed it yet.

What can I do? I havnt even used this thing yet and it’s not working. $200 is a lot to just throw away. Please help.

Hi Royden,

We are sorry to hear about your LaserBoard. We received your email and will respond to your ticket. Thank you for your patience while we get caught up from the holiday break. Happy New Year!

Thanks. I’ll be awaiting your contact.

Any news on this? Even though I could just reinstall the old nano board it would be a bother to have to do that.

Hi Royden, we responded to your ticket. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks. I did receive an email. Very much appreciated.

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