Laserboard GLCD adapter pinout

Machine: 100W Chinese CO2 laser (brand JIN ZHI YIN)

Board: M2Nano board

Firmware: Smoothieware

Problem/ Question: I ordered a Laserboard without the adapter to connect it to the GLCD, can anybody help with the pinout connections?
I have a GLCD board in my spare part box and was not aware of the fact that I need an adapter to connect it to the laserboard :frowning:
I tried to order it in Europe, but the the only supplier in Europe ( has this item out of stock… I guess that ordering from the US would be an expensive option for such a small part.
I can do the wiring directly without an adapter, but than I need to know the wiring connection

I found this pin layouts on the web…

Pin layout:
10 - 9
8 - 7
6 - 5
4 - 3
2 - 1

1 - beeper
3 - LCD EN
5 - LCD4
6 - LCD7
7 - LCD6
8 - LCD5
9 - GND
10 - VCC

1 - MISO
2 - SCK
3 - BIN ENC2
5 - BIN ENC1
6 - MOSI
7 - SD DET
9 - GND
10 - KILL

Cohesion3D pin layout (from Cohesion3D mini board)

5V   		    GND
MOSI1(P0.18)	SCK1 (P0.15)
(P2.11)	        SEEL1 (P0.16)
MISO1(P0.17)	(P0.28)
 (P3.25)	    (P1.30)
 (P3.26)    	(P0.27)	    

Adapter Cohesion3D <> GLCD

5V		        EXP1-10
GND		        EXP1-9
MOSI1(P0.18)	?
SCK1 (P0.15)    ?	
(P2.11)		    ?	
SEEL1 (P0.16)	?
MISO1(P0.17)	?
(P0.28)	        ?
(P3.25)		    ?
(P1.30)		    ?
(P3.26)		    ?
(P0.27)		    ?

Who can help to fill in the question marks???

I’m interested as well, as I’m in the same boat. I have the display, but not that specific adapter.

Just 1 day before the removal of my question a reply, Thanks!
I calculated the cost that I have to make when I would order it in the US and have to pay for shipment, import duties and tax. It would be $95.
Cohesion is not willing to sell the adapter separatly.
Is there nobody who can trace the connections of the adapter with a multimeter???
You would make at least 2 people very happy…

Hi David,

I checked the pinheader on the Cohesion board again and could detect most of the pins with a logic analyser.
The display and the select button is working now :slight_smile: .
Only the SD card could not be detected yet propably due to the 4 not assigned pins.
Below the correct layout (previous was upside down)
Cohesion3D pin layout (taken from Cohesion3D mini board)
(top-view) with USB connector at left side

1   (P0.27)               2   (P3.26)
3   (P1.30)		          4   (P3.25)
5   (P0.28)		          6   MISO1(P0.17)
7   SEEL1 (P0.16)         8   (P2.11)
9   SCK1 (P0.15)	     10   MOSI1(P0.18)
11  GND		   	         12   +5V

Manual wiring:

**Cohesion:**             **GLCD**
1   (P0.27)		          ?		
2   (P3.26)	         	EXP2 pin5
3   (P1.30)		        EXP1 pin2
4   (P3.25)	        	EXP2 pin3
5   (P0.28)		          ?
6   MISO1(P0.17)	      ?
7   SEEL1 (P0.16)	    EXP1 pin4
8   (P2.11)		          ?
9   SCK1 (P0.15)	    EXP1 pin5	
10  MOSI1(P0.18)	    EXP1 pin3
11  GND			        EXP1 pin9
12  +5V			        EXP1 pin10

Who can assign the last 4 pins???

Check the config file on the board, you are looking for encoder left, encoder right, click button, back button, and buzzer pin.

3.25 and 3.26 should be the encoder twist wheel.

Thanks for your reply.
The encoder button functions I already mentioned and listed in my overview except the buzzer.
The buzzer is in the smoothie firmware connected to 1.31, this port I miss in the cohesion board connector.
I also can’t assign the connections of P0.27, P0.28, P017 (for the SD card?)
Is the SD card at the GLCD supported by the laserboard or without a function?

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